Specialised Payroll Company in London & Birmingham

Payroll tax can be costly. As professionals we understand complicated tax laws and regulations as well as how to avoid penalties and reduce the risks of audits. We are affordable, flexible and have the knowledge necessary to maximize your returns. Tax laws change constantly. Our staff remains up to date on the latest laws and makes recommendations throughout the year to help enhance your tax cost savings.

Why Medic Payroll is Different

Medic Payroll provide a flexible yet secure payroll service for businesses of any size. Whether you have 10 employees or hundreds, we provide the best service tailored to your specific needs.

We provide services ranging from general Payroll to Auto Enrolment and Pension set up (NEST and NHS Pension). Our fees which we charge are confirmed with our clients before adding it onto their invoice for the month meaning no hidden charges or surprises.

What we can offer

Facilitating the initial set up in conjunction with the Practice, utilizing your own payroll software back up data (where possible) and bespoke Excel spreadsheets. This is undertaken by our specialist ‘New Business Team’ which is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to Fairway Training payroll administration.

  • Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Payrolls
  • Full Employee Setup, personal details Tax Allowances etc.
  • Full Gross to Net Payroll calculations including: SSP/ SMP/SAP and SPP Administration.
  • Compliance with all statutory requirements using HMRC approved payroll software.
  • Real Time Information (RTI) compliance which includes Full Payment Submissions (FPS) and Employer Payment Summary (EPS) submissions.
  • Production of pressure sealed security payslips for distribution.
  • An option to have payslips emailed directly to Employees.
  • Production of monthly reports detailing gross to net breakdown, HMRC remittance and NHS Pension payments (GP1), Additional pension reports (NEST), plus any bespoke requirements.
  • All reports are produced electronically, either in PDF or Excel format and are delivered via email.
  • PAYE and NIC monthly payments are made to HMRC via BACS or if preferred the figures are sent to the client and they make the payment themselves.
  • Production of all HMRC documentation using the Government Gateway i.e. P45, RTI Starter declarations etc.
  • Production of NHS Pension Scheme GP1